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Dedicated Delivery2022-05-10T08:49:15-03:00

A power unit and/or trailer available specifically to one customer.

Trailer Drop & Delivery2022-05-10T08:50:25-03:00

Drop your trailer in one of our yards and allow us to do the delivery for you. This eliminates downtime for your driver and your fleet.

Wide Load Capabilities2022-05-10T08:51:13-03:00

Shipping a wide load can be a complex task especially when you do not have the right vehicles. Allow Goods Logistics to handle the complex task of obtaining the correct permits and other requirements such as escorts and pilot vehicles. Our heavy haul service allows us to ship loads that exceed the maximum legal length, width, and height stipulated by each province in Atlantic Canada.

Hot Shot Trucking2022-04-19T14:28:14-03:00

Good’s Logistics provides Hot Shot trucking which is a type of trucking that carries relatively smaller, time-sensitive loads to accessible locations.

Cross Docking/Flatbed Transfers2022-04-19T13:17:38-03:00

Good’s Logistics provides 24/7 Cross Docking Service to assist in keeping trucks rolling and reducing downtime.

Trailer Shunting/On Site2022-04-19T13:16:30-03:00

Good’s Logistics makes carrier deliveries easy by dropping trailers and letting us deliver. We offer dedicated on-site shunt and shuttle services to meet your facility requirements.

Pick Up Deliveries2022-04-19T13:15:39-03:00

Have scrap pallets, and wood waste to be taken away? Let Good’s drop an empty trailer at your location. When you reorder pallets, or when you call us to report a full trailer, we can drop/switch the trailers, and remove the scrap/waste. This process eliminates the hassle of storing pallets on dock taking up valuable space and live unloads and ensures you always have a trailer to load scarp/waste onto.